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Training Days Material

Rev. Dan Wetzel Training Day

Pastors and Elders ( A Work In Progress)

March 21, 2015

Arabic Evangelical Church

PLEASE NOTE: Rev. Wetzel has graciously given permission to publish his PowerPoints on this subject that he is passionate about. The PowerPoints are more in-depth than just what was presented during the Training Day due to time constraints. Please also realize that this a work in progress and is not finalized and that Rev. Wetzel did not cover everything in the slides. Think of this as Revision 1 of several to come.

Pastors and Elders, Part 1.pptx

Pastors and Elders, Part 2.pptx

Pastors and Elders, Part 3.pptx

Pastors and Elders, Part 4.pptx

Asset 1 Asset 2 Asset 3